Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Corbet Le Normand (Northman) Begat Us

"CORBETT: Corbat (sic) and his two sons, Roger and Rodbert (sic), are named by Ordericus among "the faithful and very valiant men" employed by Roger de Montgomeri in the government of his new Earldom of Shrewsbury. Corbet was also, according to tradition, consulted by William the Conqueror as to the defence of the Welsh Marches.
His ancestry, Blakeway tells us, ascended "to a very remote antiquity". The name denotes in Norman-French a raven: whether in allusion to the famous Danish standard (the Reafan), of which their ancestor might have been the bearer from Scandinavia under Rollo, or whether from a less noble source, cannot be determined.
It is certain that Corbet came with his second and fourth sons, Roger and Robert, to the invasion of England by Duke William of Normandy. Besides the two sons who settled in Shropshire, the eldest and the third, Hugh and Renaud, stayed behind. " (The Battle Abbey Roll)

I have a line of ancestry to the Corbetts of Shropshire. The surname is very numerous in that part of England as this is where they originally settled following the Norman Conquest. One thing that draws me to this name is its clear Odinic associations with the Raven, a Scandinavian heathen totem that was continued to be used by the Norse Normans 10 generations after Rollo. The Raven features on the Corbett coat of arms. The general consensus of opinion is that the Corbetts all descend from the original bearer of the name and certainly the geographical location of most Corbetts is testament to this. The first Corbett is recorded as being from Pays de Caux, Normandy and was known as Corbet Le Normand (Corbet the Northman) born in the early 11th century.

William Corbett, born 1680 Wellington, Shropshire.

Robert Corbett, born 1719 Wellington, Shropshire.

John Corbett, born 1751 Wellington, Shropshire.

Reverend Thomas Corbett, born 1793 Wellington, Shropshire. Minister of Religion and Schoolmaster.

Ruth Corbett, born 1830 Glastonbury, Somerset. Schoolmistress. Married William George (1827-).

Eliza George, born 1858 Frome, Somerset. Married Robert Evans (1855-1909), Professional Cricketer/Insurance Agent.

Robert Sidney Evans, born Formby, Lancashire 1882-1983, self employed Landscape Gardener.

Robert Joseph Sidney ---- born Formby, Lancashire 1912-2015, Chief Buyer/Civil Engineer.

Wotans Krieger.


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