Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Attila,an Aryan Archetype?

I read with great interest the recent article regarding Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun, two extremely fascinating men on Wulf Ingessunu's Inglinga blog: Sons of the Wolf This excellent article should be read and read again in conjunction with Heru, the God of the Cherusci and The Aryan Origins of Genghis Khan I believe that there is a mysterious synchronicity which is at work here. I have recently discovered that the ancient High German Nibelungenlied epic appears to have been mirrored in the legends of the Chuvash people who live in the Russian Federation and according to their own nation building myth are the descendants or partial descendants of the tribes ruled by Attila the Hun. Modern genetics however demonstrates that they are chiefly of Indo-European and Finno-Ugric descent but there is a small Turkic admixture which may substantiate the myth.

On a personal note recent auDNA testing has revealed (if it can be trusted!) that I have 1.7% Chuvash ancestry. This may very well be true as some years ago two people close to me had dreams at roughly the same time which revealed that I had some eastern European ancestry. Indeed in one of the dreams this information was relayed by a celestial being who may very well have been the spirit of an ancestor. It could account for my unusual mtDNA haplotype V (which I know to be correct due to being tested by 2 separate companies). The Chuvash are still in part a pagan people and their mythology resembles certain aspects of the Germanic. See Vattisen Yaly, the Ethnic Religion of the Chuvash In addition to these similarities there is the presence of the Nibelung myth amongst the Chuvash which may be a distant folk memory of the conflict between Attila and the Burgundians. Ylttanbik-letzer Zar der Wolgabolgaren

It is interesting to note that the Sky God of the Huns was Tengri and scholars consider this deity to be cognate with the Proto-Indo-European Sky God *Dyeus. Old Turkic script bears a striking resemblance to the Germanic Runes and yet this is hardly ever commented on by scholars who generally favour a southern origin for the Futhark. One of the primary deities of the Chuvash folk religion is Tura who is most definitely cognate with the Estonian Taara and the Germanic *Thunaraz.

Another area of synchronicity is in connection with ancestral research regarding my partner and our daughter. Via my daughter's American great grandfather I have established a line of ancestry through the Stone-Stallard family, early plantation owners that takes my daughter's lineage not only back to the legendary Volsungs via Ragnar Lodbrok and Aslaug but also to Attila the Hun via Arpad, Grand Prince of the Hungarians. By a strange coincidence the blood of the Volsungs and that of Attila have merged in this line of descent.

Like Wulf I am of the opinion that there is a connection of some sort between Attila and Genghis. Both men had very similar life missions and the latter appears in some way to be a return of the earlier archetype. Savitri Devi made the further connection between Genghis Khan and the noble wolf, Ad-olf Hitler in her greatest work, The Lightning and the Sun, 1958.

Wulf mentions on his blog that Genghis was said to have possessed a Swastika ring. This ring apparently contained a ruby on which was engraved a Swastika. Again coincidence or synchronicity but at an auction held in Maryland, USA in 2013 they had a ring owned by Adolf Hitler as one of its lots. The ring was made from silver and plated in gold with rubies in the design of a Swastika. Hitler's Nazi Swastika Ring

Cheddar Man-a Tool of Propaganda

The controversy regarding the skin colour of 'Cheddar Man' is the latest example of how archaeology is being actively used for political purposes, not necessarily by the scientists involved but by the elite who jump at any chance to place a multiracial 'spin' on any revelation regarding our past that can be used directly or indirectly to push the multiracial society and the displacement of native Europeans from our own soil. However some of these academics are actively using the so-called revelation that Cheddar Man had 'dark to black skin' to deconstruct British and European identity, that race is somehow merely a 'social construct' and that the population of these islands will 'continue to change'. This is nothing short of propaganda based on a faulty understanding of both science and history. However whatever propaganda that can be used to promote our genocide will be used. Politically motivated academics, educated in left wing universities have few philosophical qualms when it comes to the notion of 'truth'.

Since the news broke that Cheddar Man was a negro with BLUE EYES within days one of the scientists-a truthful and honest one, geneticist Susan Walsh at Indiana University has stated that there is insufficient evidence to determine his skin colour! Genetics is still in its infancy as a science so we must treat its findings with great caution as I have said before on this blog. The very fact that they chose to give this ugly reconstructed creature blue eyes is absolutely laughable and no doubt will be taken on face value by the traitors who occupy the halls of academia that Britain has always been a racial 'melting pot' or some other such nonsense! One thing that I do find strange is that no scientist has yet revealed the Y-DNA haplotype of Cheddar Man which begs the question, what have they got to hide? As his mtDNA was revealed decades ago I do not for one moment doubt that his paternal haplotype has already been sequenced!
Was Cheddar Man white after all?

Despite one of the scientists revealing the truth that we do not know what his skin colour was once a lie is spread it is then difficult to eradicate it for it will have been implanted already in the minds of the masses and will add to the continual drip feed of lies that emanate from the elite and its institutions-western universities. This is why I view the reptiles who spread such lies as nothing short of venomous.

My thanks to Runebinder for bringing this to my attention as I seldom follow the news these days, finding the whole thing too depressing!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

DNA Testing and Ancestral Research

My folk comrade, Runebinder has recently brought to my attention concerns regarding the accuracy of DNA testing when applied to ancestral research and he is right to focus concern on this. DNA testing is still in its infancy and so must be treated with caution. When ancestral researchers such as myself use this tool it must be with care and should be used alongside and not instead of old fashioned paper (or Internet!) research.

I have spent the last 18 months getting to grips with researching my paternal ancestry. My maternal ancestry is currently a closed book, not being able to progress beyond my German grandparents. The reason for this is that only a tiny fraction of German records are digitalised and those which have not been are difficult to access without physically visiting town halls and churches as no central records exist. Added to this is no doubt a loss of records due to the allied bombing in WWII. The German authorities also place restrictions in the way of obtaining documents: one must PROVE  a biological connection first! The situation in the English speaking world is thankfully more enlightened and records are much easier to access and most have now been digitalised.

Both types of research have their limitations. As I have already pointed out DNA testing still has its many imperfections and inadequacies. There are three types of ancestral testing which are now available: Y chromosome (Y-DNA), mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and autosomal DNA (auDNA or atDNA) testing. The least accurate of these three types of testing is auDNA. This is relatively new when compared with the other types of testing and most companies struggle to distinguish between English (Anglo-Saxon) and continental Germanic DNA such as German and Dutch although they can distinguish Scandinavian DNA separately. Often they tend to lump together German/Dutch with French and term it 'North-West European'. The reason for this is the relative lack of data that they currently have available that they can draw upon. As time passes this situation will improve.

Regarding auDNA in theory an individual would expect to inherit 1/4 of his auDNA from each grandparent and 1/8 from each great grandparent. However this is a simplistic way of viewing the matter because in reality the transmission of auDNA is a complete lottery. Whilst one inherits 50% of one's DNA from each parent, the DNA from earlier generations such as grandparents and great grandparents starts to become 'lost'. This is why most companies only provide an analysis back 5 or 10 generations (3 x great or 8 x great grandparents). Y-DNA (paternal) and mtDNA (maternal) is much more reliable but this measures 'deep' ancestry from thousands of years ago. One can however spend more money and get more detailed tests which show mutations going back over a shorter period. My Y-DNA and mtDNA has been tested by two companies and both produce the same results although one set of tests which has been more recently conducted gives the subclades for the paternal and maternal haplotypes. Y-DNA and mtDNA are very useful for determining the racial origins of populations but not necessarily that of individuals-unlike auDNA.

As I have stated the transmission of auDNA which is generally the ancestral DNA people think of is (rightly) the subject of scrutiny and criticism and it is a lottery and as I have said it is also in its infancy. For this reason it may be helpful to try more than one company to test your auDNA and compare the differences (there are bound to be some) or you can download a tool and analyse your DNA yourself using for instance GEDMatch as the auDNA which is extracted by the different companies is exactly the same. What differs is their interpretation of it!

On the subject of siblings having different auDNA test results: this is normal and thus to be expected. As each parent transmits just 50% of their DNA to each child again it is a lottery as to which 50% is transmitted. It is possible in theory to have two siblings which have completely different DNA although this is statistically extremely unlikely! Nevertheless there will be significant differences. This is why siblings can either closely resemble each other physically and have similar psychologies and  behaviours or they may appear as polar opposites. Usually it is somewhere in between. Even in the case of twins and triplets they do not have identical DNA but similar DNA. Thus different auDNA test results will occur. That said auDNA must be treated with caution as it is not necessarily an accurate measurer of ethnicity. This is why I recommend analysing the DNA yourself by uploading your DNA and using the Internet analysis tools or using different companies who will analyse the same DNA but they will use their own and different algorithms. As time goes on their algorithms will converge (with the collection of more DNA data) and will produce similar results. What would be helpful is for full siblings to have their DNA tested by the same company and this will provide more information and uncover DNA that has not been transmitted to you. Half siblings and cousins could also undergo a similar evaluation. This is far better than analysing just one member of a family.

On the issue of auDNA and ethnicity, one could of course have a French grandparent and yet not inherit any DNA from that ancestor but one is still 1/4 French. There are thousands of people alive today (my partner and daughter being two of them!) who may be descendants of Charlamagne and yet have not inherited any of his DNA because it has become lost over time.

The two companies that I have thus far used are Oxford Ancestors (many years ago) for Y-DNA and mtDNA and more recently Living DNA for Y-DNA, mtDNA and auDNA. The latter company provided sub clades for the paternal and maternal DNA although I was able to work out my own paternal sub clade from the data already provided by Oxford Ancestors. The auDNA was rather mixed in terms of its accuracy. It accurately demonstrated my Lancashire and Welsh ancestry but was absolutely useless in finding any German ancestry despite having a German mother and two German grandparents! English and German DNA is just too similar to tell apart (at the moment). Thus the only types of testing that you can rely upon with 100% certainty are Y-DNA and mtDNA testing. For those with ancestry from the British Isles (Britain and Ireland) Living DNA is the best company for providing detailed regional and county wide analysis.

I have spoken about the inadequacies of DNA testing but conventional research also has its limitations. With much luck I have researched my paternal grandmother's ancestry using conventional records such as birth, baptismal, marriage, death, burial, census records and published wills and historical accounts back more than 500 years and beyond this if the assumptions regarding Alis Aughton's parentage are correct. However records differ according to where one's ancestors in the United Kingdom came from. If they are from North Meols in Lancashire as 1/4 of mine are then one is fortunate to have access to excellent transcribed digital records. The three sites that I use are, and Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project. The use of the and the Lancashire sites is entirely free. One can also build a family tree on Familysearch but be aware: these trees are public and any Tom, Dick or Harry can amend your records and many of these 'researchers' should not be allowed anywhere near a genealogical website! The site is fee based but the maintenance of one's tree on there is free-and private! Familysearch rely on records from findmypast but they are not always accurately transcribed and the same goes for the records on findmypast but the latter site does allow you to view the original record so that you can check for transcription errors and find additional information not provided on the transcriptions. Surnames are often misspelled and up until recent times standard spellings did not exist and a surname could be spelled 4 or 5 different ways. The researcher must be aware of this possibility and not give up!

Sunday, January 07, 2018

'Gender-Neutral Language'-Insanity Virus Spreading

England and the rest of northern Europe as well as the wider 'western world'  is plunging into yet more insanity. The latest obsession for the traitors, Marxists, feminists, sodomites and neo-liberals who blight our institutions is 'gender neutral language'. There have been quite a few examples of this Orwellian insanity very recently:

Military chiefs order troops to use gender-neutral language

Some anally retentive and overpaid pen-pusher has banned the use of the following terms by soldiers: mankind, chaps, manpower, gentleman's agreement, man in the street, housewife etc. The name of the subversive unit responsible for this batshit insanity is itself quite insane: 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit'-a total waste of taxpayers' money and should be abolished forthwith. Indeed not only are these Orwellian 'word fascists' tinkering with the English language but they are also pulling the plug on the Army's recruitment slogan 'Be the Best' because it may put off inferior types from joining up. This is all part of the Army's plan to recruit women (who should be baking and having children), aliens, mentally ill people who can't work out their own gender, butch lesbians, feminists and sodomites into their ranks. They are obviously desparate and can no longer attract men, real men to join up as most with a modicum of intelligence have finally worked out that they are just cannon fodder for a regime which despises them.

This neo-Marxism is not confined to the British Army. It even affects religion. The Church of Sweden likewise has started to use 'gender-neutral' terms for 'God'. "In the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit" has been replaced with "in the name of God and the Holy Trinity". They have banned references to 'Lord' and 'he' using gender neutral pronouns which as some of my readers will be aware is a feature of Germanic languages other than English. Church of Sweden to start using gender neutral terms for God

Feminists (feminism is a mental illness and a cancer in the 'west') in France are pushing for the French language to be reformed so that 'gender-neutral' language becomes the norm. This of course all stems from the hatred that most feminists have for men. It should not surprise us that many of them are lesbians. The Push to Make French Gender-Neutral

Further afield in Australia the writers of the Commonwealth Games Handbook have also fallen prey to this mental disorder. They have replaced terms such as 'mother', 'father', 'wife', 'boyfriend' with 'parents' and 'partner'. Commonwealth Games guidebook slammed for pushing gender-neutral language

The London Fire Brigade have also been inflicted recently with a dose of Marxist insanity. They have complained to the BBC because one of their programmes on the CBBC channel used the term 'Fireman'. This is an extract of the PC Csar's complaint:“This term is VERY outdated and the term ‘firefighter’ is the preferred, respectful, inclusive, non-sexist, non-gendered term that should be widely used by all media but especially the BBC.” London Fire Brigade Accuses BBC of Sexism

May I suggest as a tax payer that the said jobsworth be given some meaningful and constructive work to do such as FIGHTING FIRES?

Just when you think things could not get any worse we now have the Bank of England falling prey to this virus. They have made a policy decision to eradicate "gendered language from its rule books". Traditional terms such as 'grandfathering' and 'chairman' are to be eliminated in true Orwellian fashion. The Old Lady in danger as the Bank of England ditches gendered language

This nonsense is beginning to blight every aspect of peoples' lives and we must take a stand against this. Just to give you one little and fairly insignificant example, quite a few years ago I attempted to purchase a 'gingerbreadman' biscuit in the local baker's shop and asked for a gingerbreadman. I was told that they were 'gingerbread people'. I responded "so you don't sell gingerbreadmen then? In which case you have lost a sale!"  Hit them in the pocket where it hurts!

Thursday, January 04, 2018

The Cashless Society, Smartphones and the Bilderbergers

There have been quite a few newspaper articles recently and during the course of 2017 which report on the arising of the cashless society, most notably in China. This apparently is linked to the very widespread use of smartphones in that country and the general Chinese dislike and aversion to credit cards and debt generally. It is thus the smartphone which is the engine for change in China and is being used to replace the everyday use of cash. Incredibly even beggars are accepting donations this way!

Over recent months I have commented on the cashless society and how new technology is being used to expand and accelerate its spread throughout the world-not just in the 'west'. I have also made the link between smartphones, the cashless society and the 'mark of the beast'. The way in which smartphones are used increasingly for this purpose, most especially in China demonstrate that I was correct in taking this position. China is of course a communist country despite having a market economy and millionaires! So naturally we would expect any system that logs everything that we buy, sell or do to be welcome in such a society. Here in the 'west' we may call ourselves 'free' but the reality is very different. Instead we have the illusion of 'freedom' and 'democracy' but such 'rights' and 'freedoms' are tightly controlled by the elite and their methods of ensuring the compliance of the sheeple are no less ruthless.

The Police, intelligence agencies and the military are not here to protect the masses but the elite and the government is certainly not above breaking the law as it has been doing for decades with the illegal collection of mass Internet data and mass surveillance of the population which it has been doing through the GCHQ agency and in cahoots with the U.S. government at the well known American spy base in Menwith Hill, Harrogate in the old West Riding of Yorkshire (the famous 'golf balls'). As in China the British government and its various executive agencies, some of which are so secret that their existence is not admitted to, their aim is the protection of the elite, their wealth and maintenance of power. The only difference is that the methods are more covert. Political assassinations are not unknown. The two most famous examples are that of Rudolf Hess in 1989 and the weapons expert Dr David Kelly in 2003. The fact that Dr Kelly was assassinated and did not commit suicide is openly admitted by 'sources' within the British intelligence community but the blame is shifted onto the French! Those of my readers who have seen the excellent and English made film, Defence of the Realm (1985) will know where I am coming from with this argument. Although this film was allegedly based upon fictional events it does in my opinion demonstrate the hypocrisy of the British state and the ruthlessness of  some of its more secret agencies.

Returning to the main subject of this article, churches in England have started to introduce cashless donations for their congregations, completely ignoring what their own scriptures, the Book of Revelation has to say on the subject!

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (Revelation 13: 16-17, AV)

We should not be surprised by this as the Church of England pays little attention to what their god has revealed in their bible and like the monarchy is essentially a capitalist enterprise, more concerned with raising more money for its already bloated coffers than 'saving souls'. Churches are pioneering text giving to encourage cashless congregations to donate

However what the church has failed to take into consideration is that the majority of their dwindling congregations are old people who are less likely to use new technology for this purpose but what is significant here is the symbolism of the Church of England pushing the mark of the beast upon its congregations instead of preaching out against it! However the Church of England should not be considered as a 'pioneer' of this form of giving as churches in Sweden have been doing it for years!Sweden could be the first country to go cashless as even churches are taking cards for offerings

The recent introduction of the 'Tap and Pay' debit card encourages the use of a card for minor purchases instead of cash, yet another stepping stone to the introduction of a cashless society and a way of reducing the use of cash for small purchases. The fact that these cards make it easier for fraud to occur does not seem to worry the banks, making you realise that the people who control the banks have in line with other members of organisations like the Bilderberg group, the sinister goal of creating a one world government. Not surprisingly one of the main agenda topics for the 2015 Bilderbergers' conference was artificial intelligence and the promotion of the cashless society. AI & Cashless Society: Top Bilderbergers' Agenda

One of the significant aspects of this and I dare say other Bilderbergers' conferences is the way in which these unaccountable members of Europe's and North America's elite seem to have special privileges, privileges that are denied to the rest of us mere mortals. The Austrian government used (misused) its anti-terrorist squad and 2,100 Police Officers to protect these bastards and a no-fly zone was imposed upon the area around the hotel. No other 'private' gathering gets this kind of protection, demonstrating the lie that in a 'democracy' we are all supposed to be 'equal'!

Despite these gatherings of top politicians, generals, industrialists, bankers, publishers, economists, academics every year since its inception in 1954 their meetings are held in secret, no minutes are kept and no press conferences given. Bearing in mind that political representatives, foreign ministers, prime ministers and presidents have been known to attend these gatherings one has to question why this obvious and extremely high level of political lobbying has not come under the scrutiny of western parliaments! What the Chairwoman of the BBC Trust was doing there must raise serious questions about the supposed and much lauded 'impartiality' of the BBC, a quasi government controlled body which is entirely funded by British TV licence fee payers! One must also question why the former British Chancellor of the Exchequer and First Secretary of State, George Gideon Osborne was in attendance and did he have the permission and even blessing of David Cameron? A full list of the 2015 attendees can be found here: Bilderberg 2015: Full Attendee List & Agenda

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Vattisen Yaly, the Ethnic Religion of the Chuvash

Many people assume (incorrectly) that heathenism or paganism was totally eradicated in Europe over 1000 years ago by the church in league with traitorous kings and chieftains but this is a false assumption. Many remote parts of Europe preserved their ancient traditions, rituals, legends and myths. The whole of Europe is experiencing a revival of their pre-Christian religions and traditions but in some parts of the continent these religions have survived either wholly or partially intact. One such example of partial survival is amongst the Chuvash, a Turkic speaking European people who have their own republic, Chuvashia which is part of the Russian Federation.

The Chuvash are regarded as a 'Central Asian' people but they dwell in the centre of European Russia and have mainly northern European genetics. They regard themselves as descendants of the Bulgars and Suars, Turkic tribes residing in the Northern Caucasus in the 5th to 8th centuries CE after the death of their leader Attila the Hun. In the 7th to 8th centuries CE a part of the Bulgars moved into the Balkans and mixed with local Slavs to form the modern state of Bulgaria. Modern Bulgarians speak Bulgarian, a south Slavic Indo-European language. Some historians are of the opinion that the Bulgars are of Iranian descent rather than Turkic, citing linguistic evidence. It is more than likely however that in reality the Bulgars are a mixed people of Thracian, Slavic and Bulgar ancestry. This appears to be the current prevailing opinion due to DNA analysis. Another part of the Bulgars moved into the region of the Middle Volga and formed the Chuvash people. After the Mongol invasion of Volga Bulgaria they became vassals of  the Golden Horde. In August 1552 the princes of the Chuvash swore an oath of loyalty to Ivan the Terrible. It is from the Chuvash people that I have a line of maternal genetic descent, born out by autosomal DNA and seemingly supported by mitochondrial DNA analysis. Some scholars associate the Suars or Sabirs with the name of Siberia. The Suar spoke a Turkic language but are genetically thought to be of Finno-Ugric origin. The Chuvash consider themselves to be descended from the Suar who mixed with the Mari, a Finno-Ugric people and they are their neighbours.

DNA analysis reveals that the Chuvash are of mixed Finnic and Indo-European (Balto-Slavic) descent with some Turkic admixture. (The Y-DNA haplotype of R1a is dominant amongst the population although R1b is also present. This is typical of Europe as R1b is dominant in the west and R1a in the east, both of which belong to the carriers of the Proto-Indo-European mother language.) This genetic mix is reflected in the quite wide range of racial physiognomy with traits ranging from the Nordic at one end of the scale to the Mongoloid on the other. The vast majority have mixed features but appear to be 90% European in physical traits. 

"The Chuvash are not simply Finns Tatarized in language, but show evidence in face form, nose form, and in the scarcity of true blondism, that the Turkish influence did bring some mongoloid traits. It is interesting to note, however, that the cephalic index was not elevated as a result. Individually the Chuvash are extremely variable, as their portraits will show; complete Nordics of Corded tendency, and unmistakable mongoloids represent the end types, both of which may have been brought by the Turks." (The Races of Europe, 1939, Carleton S. Coon)

Coon's analysis of these "Tatarized Finns" appears to be remarkably vindicated by modern genetic science and this demonstrates the validity of this great man's work. I have given a little information about the history and ethnology of the Chuvash even though this article is concerned with their native religion. However as readers of this blog will know the two are inseparable.

According to a recent census (2012) religion in the Chuvash Republic can be broken down as follows:

Russian Orthodox 54.7%.
Other Orthodox 4.2%.
Other Christian 2.7%.
Islam 3.5%.
Rodnovery and other native faiths 1.2%.
Spiritual but not religious 24.2%
Atheism and irreligion 7.7%.
Other and undeclared 1.8%.

My readers should note that Rodnovery is a modern religion but it is based upon the spiritual traditions of the Slavs of central and eastern Europe. It would be interesting to compare the above statistics from the Republic of Chuvashia with the wider Russian Federation of which it is a part:

Russian Orthodox 41%.
Other Orthodox 1.5%.
Unaffiliated Christian 4.1%.
Other Christian/Religion 1.7%.
Spiritual but not Religious 25%.
Atheism 13%.
Islam 6.5%.
Slavic native faith, other Pagan and Tengrist 1.2%.
Tibetan Buddhism 0.5%.
Undecided 5.5%. 

Surprisingly the Orthodox faith is quite strong in Chuvashia and there are significant numbers of people in Chuvashia and Russia as a  whole who describe themselves as being 'spiritual' but not belonging to any organised religion. This is a contrast with the naked atheism which is present in western Europe whose people are far more materialistic in nature. The reference to 'Slavic native faith' relates to Rodnovery, the Slavic equivalent of Odinism. Tengrism is a Central Asian religion which incorporates elements of shamanism, animism, totemism, polytheism, monotheism and ancestor worship. This religion was dominant amongst the Hungarians, Turks, Mongols and Huns. Similar to Tengrism is Vattisen Yaly, the contemporary revival of the ethnic religion of the Chuvash.

Although Vattisen Yaly may be categorised as a branch of Tengrism it has significant differences as the Chuvash although speaking a Turkic language (originally though to be Finnic) they are predominately Finnic and Slavic in ethnicity and so their native religion has mainly Indo-European and Finno-Ugric elements. It should also be noted that unlike other speakers of Turkic languages only a small minority accepted Islam and this is borne out by the 2012 statistics which show less followers of Islam in Chuvashia than in the wider Russian Federation. The Chuvash language itself diverges considerably from other Turkic languages and Chuvash speakers can be found as ethnic minorities in other Russian republics. There are only 1,640,000 Chuvash speakers in the Russian Federation as a whole and 34,000 in other countries.

Interestingly the followers of Vattisen Yaly describe themselves as "the true Chuvash" and Vattisen Yaly has the meaning 'Tradition of the Old'. The main God of this religion is Tura and this deity is comparable to the Estonian (Finno-Ugric) Taara, the Germanic Thunraz and the Turkic Tengri. It is interesting how this deity can be found in Finno-Ugric, Indo-European and Turkic religions. Their highest deity is therefore the Thunder God. The traditional religion of the Chuvash has an unbroken traition and has survived all attempts of the Abrahamic religions to wipe it out and with the fall of the USSR it is experiencing a revival. The governing body of Vattisen Yaly, the Chuvash National Congress has codified its rituals and they regard themselves as guardians of its traditions and even as descendants of the 'elder priests'. 

A central feature of Vattisen Yaly is the World Tree which is called the Keremet and this is shown on the Chuvash national flag. The God Tura is reborn in the tree, growing from the ashes, symbolising the 'rebirth of man through nature'. The concept of the birth of man from a tree should not be lost on my readers who will be familiar with the Norse myth of Askr and Embla. In Germanic mythology we have of course a close association of Thunar and the oak tree. Amongst the Slavs many villages carved the image of Perun into the most prominent oak tree and He is intimately associated with that species of tree as are all the Thunder Gods of Europe.

Regardless of the individual religious affiliations of the Chuvash their ethnic pre-Christian religion appears to play a surprisingly prominent part of their national life and has become interwoven with their identity. In a similar way Rodnovery plays such a part amongst the ethnically aware Slavs.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Church of England Schools Promoting the Mark of the Beast

By sheer accident I discovered today that schools in England (I have no idea how many) have started to use 'biometrics' as a form of cashless interactions for payment of school dinners and snacks. This by the way includes Church of England schools! Apparently when biometrics were initially introduced into schools it started with the loaning of library books and has now been extended to replace the use of cash-a sinister development! A fingerprint is taken from the child and this is stored electronically. When the child chooses their lunch their fingerprint is scanned and the transaction recorded on the school's computer system and their parents' 'Parent Pay' account is debited accordingly-all without any cash changing hands!

I have written before on this blog about the Mark of the Beast and although it is referred to in the Book of Revelation it is nonetheless a system which we now see being introduced throughout the world with the collusion of capitalist corporations, banks, governments and Information Technology companies. What is significant about the fingerprint is that it is converted into a number!

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." (Revelation 13:16-18, AV)

It is ironic that many of these schools are Church of England schools, yet another example of the hypocrisy of the church and its apparent lack of knowledge or more likely lack of belief in their own scriptures! Apparently these systems have the capability of 'talking' to other systems and the child's fingerprint can even be duplicated. The aiming of this system at children helps to brainwash them into accepting the cashless society and the Mark of the Beast, the system which is being introduced by ZOG to enslave the nations of the earth.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

The Use of Genetic Testing in Ancestral Research

DNA testing and analysis can be a useful tool in the exploration of one's ancestry but one must be cautious in evaluating the results. Since last year I have spent a considerable amount of time researching my own ancestry although this has been primarily on my paternal side due to the barriers placed in the way of carrying out German ancestral research by the German government. Unlike England and most of the English speaking world the vast majority of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial records in Germany have not been digitalised and there are no central records offices. A significant number of records were destroyed during the bombing of WWII. The only way one can effectively carry out research is by physically visiting the various churches and town halls. To employ someone to carry out research would cost thousands of pounds. In order to order birth, marriage and death certificates one must also prove a biological relationship due to the excessively strict privacy laws in Germany! I am convinced that this strategy is a deliberate one by the German government which actively works for the dissolution of the ethnically German population and puts every barrier in the way of people researching their ancestry. With hindsight it would have been helpful if my mother had not thrown away her Ahnentafel when she married my father in 1948! It would also have been helpful if I had taken the time to ask my mother about her grandparents whilst she was alive! As she passed on in 1989 it is now way too late to do this! Thus my German research is limited to my grandparents who bore the surnames Bock and Klingebiel, names very common in the Harz mountains.

By necessity my extensive research has been of my paternal ancestors and the vast majority of these are those of my paternal grandmother's line which I have found is deeply rooted in the North Meols area of Lancashire in northwest England. The same surnames keeps recurring and it is clear that most of my ancestors were in fact related to the people who they married! Indeed I have found that I am often descended from the same person through 2 or 3 of his or her children and sometimes through their sibling(s) as well. This phenomena is known as a 'Pedigree Collapse' which reduces the possible numbers of one's ancestors! So anyone who has North Meols ancestry is very likely to be related to me, even if distantly as it was a small gene pool located in a very rural and at one time remote area. My paternal grandfather's ancestry however is rooted in Wales and the neighbouring English counties of Shropshire and Somerset. I have not been able to go too far back with my Somerset and Shropshire ancestry and the very prevalence of similarly named individuals in Wales has limited my Welsh research to my Welsh great great grandparents. The North Meols ancestry is already well researched and much of it has been published. They appear to take their genealogy seriously in that part of the world!

A number of years ago I used the services of Oxford Ancestors who I believe were the first company to offer ancestral DNA testing. I first had my Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tested and then my Y Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA). The results showed a maternal haplotype of V and a paternal one of R1b. Recent research by Living DNA has confirmed these results and provided the subclades, namely V10b and R-L21. Ironically my paternal DNA is the most common in western Europe, the so-called 'Atlantic-Celtic' type that was introduced as the result of waves of Indo-European expansions whilst my maternal DNA is the rarest in Europe (Germany 4%, Austria 1%) apart from the very north of Scandinavia where its dominance reaches as much as 42% amongst the Sami whose males were very restricted in choice of partners, thus creating a 'founder' effect where one incoming female provided the majority of the female partners.

Living DNA also provided an autosomal analysis (auDNA) which is a fairly new form of testing where the remaining 22 pairs of chromosomes are tested in order to identify the countries or regions where one's ancestors originated. Living DNA unlike most other companies can trace this back to up to 10 generations (8 x great grandparents) as opposed to the usual 5 generations (great great great grandparents). It is not possible to identify which chromosomes one has inherited from either one's mother or father but conventional genealogical research can throw light upon this. However if one had two living parents who had their auDNA tested then in theory one could identify which auDNA one has inherited from each parent. When looking at auDNA it should be borne in mind that you do not necessarily inherit a straight 25 % of your DNA from each grandparent. It is technically possible not to inherit any at all! It is very much a lottery and the further back in time one goes the increasing likelihood is that you do not inherit any DNA from the majority of your ancestors! The only exception to this rule is your mtDNA and Y-DNA. Females however do not inherit Y-DNA and males cannot pass on their mtDNA to their offspring. However a female could ask for one of her paternal male ancestors to be tested such as a father, paternal grandfather or even a paternal uncle, full brother or paternal half brother. 

Unlike any other company Living DNA are able to identify which regions of England, Scotland or Wales one's ancestry is derived from as well as ancestry from Ireland. The autosomal analysis confirmed my Lancashire ancestry, the result being 22.9%, so close to 1/4. It also confirmed my Welsh ancestry at 15.8%, not too different from the 1/8 my conventional research indicated. This was broken down to 6.1% from North Wales and 9.7% from the South Wales border (which may include western English ancestry). However where it failed dismally is in the analysis of my German ancestry which showed absolutely none at all! This is clearly an error as 50% of my ancestry is from outside of Britain, having had a German mother. Apparently Living DNA along with many of other testing companies struggle to identify the difference between German and English DNA due to the close similarity and the fact that these companies have insufficient genetic algorithms on their databases from Germany but I was advised that this "may change in the future" as more populations become mapped. This is a very common experience for people who have combined English and German ancestry as my researches on the Internet have shown me. So whilst DNA testing can be very useful it does have its limitations but can certainly help to fill in any gaps in one's conventional research. It is thus more than likely that the remaining auDNA from outside of Wales, Lancashire, Somerset and Shropshire is actually the German DNA 'masquerading' as English. This surely should drum home the truth that the English and German people are essentially the same people! No more brothers' wars!

The auDNA revealed some recent Scandinavian ancestry (1.8% which again may be from North Meols as some of my ancestors were still using patronymic surnames well into the 18th century which may be an indication that they were recent immigrants from Scandinavia. The population of North Meols generally are of Norse descent because this part of Lancashire was heavily colonised by Norwegian and Danish Vikings so the 1.8% auDNA only refers to recent Scandinavian descent. Another surprise was the discovery that 1.7% of my auDNA is derived from the Russian republic of Chuvashia, a people of mixed Balto-Slavic and Finno-Ugric descent with some Turkic/Hunnic admixture. These are a very interesting European people who along with their closely related Mari neighbours have maintained heathen traditions and religion down to the present time. The Chuvash ancestry is clearly from my mother due to the fact that Russia is much closer to Germany than to England and the rare mtDNA V haplotype may very well have been inherited from a Chuvash maternal ancestor as their Mari neighbours have a higher than usual proportion of mtDNA V in their gene pool at 10%.

The use of ancestral DNA testing is certainly a very useful tool when used to clarify or validate conventional research and to fill in any 'gaps' in one's research but the results must be treated with caution especially if one is of mixed German, Dutch or English descent.