Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Monday, September 25, 2017

A Dream of Bind Runes and The Wanderer

I was asked at a recent Woden's Folk moot by a good friend why I had not continued with the Mystical Dream Analysis blog I used to have and I truthfully answered that I had struggled to recall my dreams and so abandoned the project. I very rarely remember my dreams unless they occur shortly before waking. Recently however I have experienced a number of dreams of a mystical nature. In May I experienced a very powerful dream concerning Woden's Mask which led to some interesting discoveries. Over the last few nights I have experienced two more unusual dreams. One involved me walking along the seashore and suddenly there appeared before me in the sand several rows of Bind Runes written in blood red. Normally I am not aware of any colours in my dreams but the redness of the Rune staves was very vivid and contrasted starkly with the sand. It all happened much too quickly for me to take note of the individual Bind Runes and in any case there were far too many of them. Clearly the sea shore represents the boundary between the conscious and the subconscious mind and the Runes represent a mystery that was being partially revealed to me but as of yet was still hidden, this being demonstrated in the fact that they were not just Runes but Bind Runes, indicating a greater degree of secrecy.

Last night I again had a very vivid dream and in this dream there were just two people-myself and another man who appeared to be acting as my mentor. It would seem from our discussion that we had met before at some time in the past (but not in the waking world) and he told me that the reason why he advised me in the past to 'wander' was because in wandering we find our true self and come to know our self. At that moment I woke abruptly and had the distinct impression that this advice had to do with Woden who is known as the 'Wanderer'. Into my mind flashed the recognition that I was being told that Woden wandered Midgarth not to impart knowledge or wisdom and not even to gain it from others but to receive hidden knowledge from within Himself; human beings being merely a catalyst for this process of self-knowledge and exploration of the self. Man attempts to break free from his terrestrial bounds to explore outer space and yet how little man explores the great space within. It is this inner exploration which is surely the task that we are challenged to undertake?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hethenism-Know Your Rights!

We are living in oppressive times here in the United Kingdom, a country that demands that other nations respect individual liberty and guarantee human rights but yet rides roughshod over the rights of its own citizens. We have in recent years since the election of the Conservative government witnessed a real clampdown on individual freedom of expression whether this be in the offline or in the online virtual world. People of otherwise good character and no previous criminal convictions are being sentenced in ever increasing numbers to custodial sentences for the 'crime' of speaking one's mind.

Whilst perverts, rapists and Islamic jihadists wander the streets of our land unfettered huge Police resources are wasted on policing the Internet, particularly social media where officers 'bravely' venture forth despite the risk of being 'offended' to apprehend dastardly name-callers who make liberal milk sops cry by voicing their un-pc views. It is a 'dangerous' job but somebody has to do it and that task falls onto the shoulders of the pc PC!

In late 2016 Scotland Yard (the Metropolitan Police) wasted £1,700,000 of Council Tax payers' money on setting up The Online Hate Crime Hub after the London Mayor's office had identified the need to clamp down on these heinous criminal acts of name-calling and not behaving nicely! Of course my readers will be aware that when the Police and politicians talk about 'online hate' they are in the main referring to brave individuals who are tired of our country being used as a global dumping ground for the world's flotsam and jetsam and have the temerity to fight for the existence of their race and folk. Survival as a distinct biological and cultural entity now ranks as 'hate' in the minds of the cosmopolitan and metropolitan elite. Indeed say something unpc on social meda in 2017 and you risk a dawn raid by 'anti-terrorism' police! The concentration of resources on clamping down on public dissent is the real reason why very real terrorists wander freely in our cities. The Police are too busy nursing liberal hurt feelings and attending 'cultural sensitivity' training courses so that they avoid offending-you guessed it-the feelings of so-called 'minorities' than attend real crimes such as burglaries or preventing native English girls being abused by Asian gangs for instance.

Nottinghamshire Police set a new feminist first last year by creating the hitherto unknown crime of wolf whistling or as they would term it 'uninvited verbal engagement'. Perhaps they could use that definition to clampdown on the very real menace of  'chuggers'? (A note to my American friends, a 'chugger' is a 'charity mugger', an annoying pest who is paid a great deal in commission to get you to sign up to monthly charity donations by direct debit). I do not recall Parliament passing any legislation to outlaw such an activity and as of yet I have not heard of any MPs who are doing a damn thing to put a stop to this feminist (and it is feminist) nonsense. More concerned with feelings than real crime.

So as anyone can see it is very easy these days to fall foul of the pc PC and end up on the wrong side of a prison cell door. It could happen so easily to any one of us. We need therefore to be aware of our rights as heathens if we ever do end up at Her Majesty's pleasure. To the great displeasure of the bigoted Conservative press we do have rights and we must know what they are. Prison regulations allow prisoners to have as personal possessions sacred literature. In our case that would be the Elder/Poetic and Younger/Prose Eddas. Be aware that you can only keep up to 12 books in your cell but that is in addition to a dictionary and a sacred book such as the Bible or the Koran. I would argue that the Eddas are sacred books in terms of our Wodenist/Odinist/Asatru religion. So you could get away with having up to 14, maybe 15 books in your cell. You are also allowed to have a hoodless cloak, a wand, a set of Runes, a piece of sacred jewellery such as a Thor's Hammer and a private altar. As a heathen you are allowed to take two selected sacred wheel of the year days as days that you may refrain from any prison work.

Some years ago political prisoner and Odinist Michael Heaton was initially denied his right to have a Thor's Hammer. After making this injustice public the prison had to relent. Odinism and thus Wodenism have for a few years now been recognised officially as religions in the United Kingdom following a high profile industrial tribunal case-Royal Mail plc vs Donald Holden, 2006. Prior to this the Odinist Fellowship was granted charitable status in 1988 and this was also an important step in the recognition of our religion by the state. In 2015 their temple in Newark, Nottinghamshire was registered by the General Register Office as a place of worship and in 2016 it was registered as a religious charity. It is ironic that the native religion of the native English should have to seek recognition but we must recognise that we are living under an alien regime and be thankful for the efforts of our brethren.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Eye of Woden

I have for many years pondered on the meaning of the sacrifice of Woden's eye and whilst I am familiar with the usual explanations I believe that it is necessary to scratch beneath the surface. I believe that there are many explanations, some more esoteric than others. In the last few months this fascination for Woden's hidden eye has developed into almost an obsession for me which will not go away. This started a few months ago when I experienced a most unusual dream of a dead person presenting me with a carved wooden mask of Woden. This is something which I have discussed before: Woden's Mask

Over the last few weeks the USA and the adjacent Caribbean islands have experienced devastating hurricanes. Of course it is not unusual for that part of the world to experience such extreme weather at this time of the year but what does appear to be unusual is the intensity and frequency of these 'events'. In time past when man was more 'superstitious' or more in tune with other realms of being (depending upon your perspective) these storms would have been interpreted as the Gods' displeasure regarding the actions of man. Even in Christian times this thinking continued except that instead of the Gods being angry it was the Christian 'god'. Only modern man in his conceit dismisses any supernatural explanation.

As we rush headlong to the Ragnarok (Korangar) that was long ago predicted by the Norse sages (and experienced by my late mother in a strange dream) we can expect to see more of such intense climatic events. Likewise we can expect to see more developments in the political sphere. We are approaching now the end and this should be obvious for anyone who has eyes to see. This thoroughly rotten and oppressive New World Order is facing utter and total collapse and we must be prepared for the power vacuum which will ensue and take steps to prepare ourselves. Not only must we ensure our survival as individuals but as a folk and as a race. However we must not view this as a matter of just survival but one of OPPORTUNITIES for as I have said the power vacuum which will be present after the collapse of western states will allow us to finally break free and recreate our world and recreate our ancient Germanic and Aryan societies which will be built again with our Blut und Boden.

This will be a time of sacrifice-another meaning attached to Woden's Eye. It will be a time for the Einheriar to be released from their training grounds of Walhalla and fight the eternal foe. In my view there never has been a satisfactory interpretation of the term Einherjar. Usually this is understood to mean either 'lone' or 'once' warrior. Neither explanation make any sense, certainly not from a mythological perspective. I personally take the view that these warriors, these servants of Woden are ONE-EYED HARRIERS. In other words warriors who engage in persistent attacks, often in small bands against selected targets. They are 'one-eyed' in the sense that they serve the One-Eyed Woden. All Woden's servants seek to emulate Him in their actions and it is surprising how often they bear His marks upon their bodies. Blindness, particularly in one eye is a mark of His favour upon those who are chosen by Him. This is another interpretation of Walhalla-the halls of the CHOSEN.

As I view the satellite images of these recent hurricanes I see in their centre the Eye of Woden. He is the God of the storm and although this is not quite evident from the Old Norse writings that image of Woden has survived in continental Germanic and English folklore. The Germanic view of Woden is far more archaic than the Norse Odin as I have shown before in previous articles: Towards a More Archaic Understanding of Woden and Woden and Vata-Vayu-a Comparison

As Woden is beginning to awaken his people He will also do His work in the elements as we approach the time of Walhalla-Allahlaw. He is speaking to us today as we approach the final Yule of the Age.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Barbarossa, Son of the 'One-Eyed'

With the christianisation of Northern Europe our ancient deities were generally demonised, most especially *Thunaraz and *Wodanaz, more than likely due to their popularity and pre-eminence amongst our peoples. However our deities are deeply engrained in the Blood Memory of our folk and cannot be extinguished but have a way of re-emerging as Jung in his famous 1936 essay Wotan articulated so well. Hitler was by no means the first historical personality to be equated with Wotan.

Many of my readers will be familiar with the legend of the great German Emperor Friedrich I (1122-1190), better known by his nickname (most Kings and prominent nobles had one!) Barbarossa (red beard). Barbarossa is said to be 'sleeping' with his knights and squires in a cave in the Kyffhäuser mountain range in the modern German states of Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt) and Thüringen (Thuringia). Barbarossa was officially the Holy Roman Emperor as well as King of Germany, King of Italy and King of Burgundy. He was a member of the Hohenstaufen dynasty of German Kings (1138-1254). The dynasty takes its name from the high 'Staufen' or hill of a conical shape situated in the Swabian Riesgau. So interestingly we have this association with mountains or hills early on in the history of the Hohenstaufen dynasty. Our Gods, especially *Wodanaz and *Thunaraz have long been associated with mountains or hills as do the Baltic, Slavic and Finno-Ugric equivalents to *Thunaraz.

Barbarossa and the German princes were noted for their waging of war against the Slavs and the extension of the boundaries of Germany to the east. Not surprisingly Germany gave the name of Barbarossa to their invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941! There are various Odinic associations with Barbarossa. Firstly we have the myth of him resting in the Kyffhäuser. Mountains as I have said are closely associated with our Gods. Although in reality Barbarossa died whilst crossing the river Saleph in Armenia during the Third Crusade and his body interred in the Church of St Peter in Antioch never the less his subjects refused to believe that this great Emperor could possibly be dead and hence the legend arose of him resting in the Kyffhäuser. There are parallels between this legend and similar ones regarding Charlemagne, Heinrich the Fowler and the totally mythical 'King Arthur'. The legend relates how Barbarossa's beard has encircled a table at which he sits, twice. Periodically he will send out one of his squires to check if the "ravens are still circling the mountain". When the ravens have ceased flying or when his beard has encircled the table three times then Barbarossa will awaken finally from his sleep and arise as Germany's saviour in her time of greatest need (as with the King Arthur legend and Britain). The raven as most people will know is the creature which is most closely associated with *Wodanaz

"That Frederick and all the rest of the caverned princes and warriors are no other than Woden and his wild host, is clear from many details of the legends concerning them. People who visit the Emperor in the Kyffhäuser receive just such presents as are given by the wild huntsman,-horses' legs or heads that afterwards turn into gold; and there is a lady in the Kyffhäuser, who is variously called the Princess, the Kaiser's housekeeper, Mademoiselle or Jungfer, and sometimes even Frau Holle (Holda), who is beyond all doubt Woden's wife Fria." ( Curiosities of Indo-European Tradition and Folk-lore by Walter Keating Kelly, 1863)
Another less obvious Odinic association is the fact that Barbarossa was one of the many Kings and Emperors who possessed the Holy Lance by which the side of the supposed 'Christ' was pierced. The lance is closely associated with both the legend of the pure knight Parzival who became the subject of Wagner's final music drama, Parsifal. A much more ancient and heathen association is with Gungnir, the spear of Odin. Germanic Kings and chieftains carried a spear as a symbol of the authority which they derived from *Wodanaz. (See Edred Thorsson's The Mysteries of the Goths) As the legend goes the moment that Barbarossa allowed the lance to slip from his grasp whilst crossing the river he fell from his horse and drowned.

Whist carrying out some research in the last few days I uncovered another Odinic association with Barbarossa and one which hit me like a thunderbolt from *Thunaraz! The father of Barbarossa, Friedrich II, Duke of Swabia (abt  1090-1147) was nicknamed............"the One-Eyed"! During a battle Friedrich II lost an eye and this has been said to have barred him from becoming the German King and instead this office went to his younger brother, Conrad III (1093-1152). Barbarossa inherited the Kingdom from his uncle Conrad. So we have Barbarossa, an avatar of Wotan named as the son of the 'One-Eyed'. As many of my readers will know our High Lord Woden often puts His mark on his most deserving of initiates in the form of either temporary or permanent blindness.

Friday, September 01, 2017

American Odinism and the Dangers of Monotheism

One aspect of Germanic mythology which has always fascinated me is the nature of the relationship between two of our most important deities-*Wodanaz and *Thunaraz. I use here the Proto-Germanic terms out of convenience to embrace the various names that they are now known by today's Germanic nations.

There are various terms which Germanic heathens use to label their religion-Odinism, Wodenism, Wotanism, Asatru, Vanatru, heathenism, paganism etc and often the label which is used has a tendency to define the nature of our beliefs and acts as a comparison towards other branches of the ancient northern religion.

One issue that I have with the terms Odinism, Wodenism, Wotanism is the way in which it gives an almost exclusive primacy to one single deity when the truth and the facts are far more complicated than this. I was prompted to pen this article after reading the profile of notable Odinist Wyatt Kaldenburg on 'Twitter'. This is how Mr Kaldenburg defines Odinism:

"I am an American Odinist. Odinism is the belief in Odin as the supreme God who rules over the other Gods and Goddesses of the Germanic peoples."
I am a little troubled by this definition as it suggests almost (but not quite) a form of heathen monotheism and monotheism is a way of looking at spirituality and religion which I utterly reject. I do not and never have obtained the impression from the many years that I have studied the history of Germanic heathenism  that "Odin" (is) "the supreme God who rules over the other Gods and Goddesses of the Germanic peoples." This almost equates Germanic heathenism with classical Greek and Roman paganism where one powerful deity-Zeus/Jupiter is said to rule over all other deities almost as if the other Gods and Goddesses were mere appendages or perhaps hypostases of the one 'chief' deity. It almost has the feel of the semitic Jehovah/Allah, a supposedly 'supreme' being who rules over an angelic hierarchy.

This causes me to ask the question are we who live in this post-Christian age somehow remodelling our ancient religion upon a semitic paradigm, albeit unconsciously? Are we still victims of an ingrained and centuries long pattern of viewing religion, that we are merely substituting one supreme deity-in this case Odin for another 'supreme' deity-Jehovah/Allah?

My study of the Eddas does not lead me to the conclusion that *Wodanaz should be viewed in the way that many (American) Odinists view Him, as a Germanic subsititute for the Christian 'god'. The tendency to view Him in this way does appear to be a particularly American one and I cannot but help compare this development with what I have many years ago termed the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex

Although the USA is technically a secular nation where state and religion are separate (unlike the United Kingdom) it is still a deeply religious one and this is mainly due to the strongly held Christian convictions of many of the country's founders. Even in 'white nationalist' circles many who are supposedly racialist and even vehemently racist (I apply a qualitative difference to these two apparently similar terms) still cling to their childhood semitic fairytales, failing to see the obvious contradiction and dichotomy in worshiping a jewish anti-god. Many attempt to reconcile this mental aberration by following the religion of Christian Identity creating even more mental and spiritual confusion. Many view Christ as non-Jewish, even Aryan and the Aryan peoples as the 'Hebrews'. Christian Identity is a modern American version of 19th century British Israelism.

*Wodanaz is of course a primary deity as is clear not only from the Eddas and traces of His cult in the place names of England and Germanic Europe but He should not be viewed as those who view Zeus sitting upon Mount Olympus treating mortals as pieces in a chess game! The reality of *Wodanaz is very very different. He is a God of mystery, of the hidden, the arcane, the unknown. He is a seeker of knowledge and wisdom and delights in many things whether it be poetry, communing with the dead or welcoming heroes into Walhalla but He is not imperious in the sense of Zeus or Jupiter. Indeed He does not even correlate to these classical deities. The nearest counterpart is of course *Thunaraz who originally was the leading deity in the North until the mysterious appearance of the later cult of *Wodanaz.

In some ways these two Germanic Gods are quite similar. They are both deities related to the elements, storm deities if you will but they also have clear differences. *Thunaraz is a God of tremendous power, electrical power as He demonstrates in the flash of lightning and the thunder bolt. He is both a defensive deity and a God of war as is *Wodanaz of course and *Tiwaz. He is a God who cares for His followers and one in which I invoke several times a day. *Wodanaz of course inspires us to uncover that which is hidden, that we seek wisdom and become like him-that we emulate Him. However we must be careful if we ask anything of this deity as He has (in my experience) a tendency to play games and tricks upon us but this is always in order to teach us an important lesson about ourselves.

*Wodanaz seems to be a latecomer to the North and His cult appears to have originated with the Saxons or at least they popularised His cult and brought it further north where *Thunaraz still had primacy. Indeed *Thunaraz retained the loyalty of His followers even following the Christianisation of Scandinavia as many of the sagas indicate.

The Hárbarðsljóð in the Poetic or Elder Edda reveals an apparent conflict or tension between *Wodanaz and * Thunaraz. This tension reveals itself in a contest of 'flyting' or a verbal contest between the two and I believe this to be a poetic reminder of the apparent competition and rivalry between the older and more established cult of *Thunaraz and the more recent one of *Wodanaz.

Rather than view our religion as a heathen form of monotheism as American Odinism has a tendency to do we must learn about the qualities and characteristics of all of our Germanic Gods and it may be that we as individuals are drawn to one or two specific deities and there is nothing of course wrong with this but we must not attempt to build a monotheistic structure out of a clearly polytheistic worldview.